Rules and Regulations

RULE #1:
• Section 1 — The Delta Fair reserves to its Board of Directors, also known as Delta Fair Board, Inc., the final and absolute right to interpret these rules and regulations and to settle arbitrarily and determine all matters, questions and differences in regard thereto, or otherwise arising out of or connected with, or incident to the Fair.
• Section 2 — The Board of Directors reserves the right to amend or add to these rules as it, in its judgment, may deem advisable. In the event of conflict of general and special rule, the latter will govern.
• Section 3 — Any person who violates any of the following or special rules will forfeit all privileges and premiums and be subject to such penalty as the Board of Directors may order.
• Section 4 — The following rules and regulations will apply to each and every department of the Fair and Exhibitors and concessionaires shall familiarize themselves therewith.

RULE #2:
• Section 1 — The Delta Fair will be held in Kennett, Missouri from Tuesday, September 24 – Saturday, September 28, 2024. Inclusive, unless postponed or extended by the Board of Directors, which hereby has the right to do so, from any cause, or causes whatsoever, which it may deem necessary for the good of all concerned.

RULE #3:
• Section 1 — All entries must be filed with the secretary, no later than the date and time specified. To aid publicity, valuable to you and the Fair, please enclose on a separate sheet with entry blank, any interesting facts about exhibits. The Board of Directors reserves the right to reject any entries offered. All entries MUST be made on printed forms, which may be obtained from the Chairman of each division. The date of the closing of entries will be found in the special rules at the head of each division.
• Section 2 — No entrance fee will be charged on any article entered for exhibition, except as otherwise provided. Entry tags will be available for each exhibit. Exhibitor will retain his copy of the entry tag.
• Section 3 — Exhibits which have been erroneously entered may, at the discretion of the Secretary and Chairman of the division, be transferred to their proper class previous to the judging. If such classes have been judged, they shall not be rejudged.
• Section 4 — The right is reserved by the Delta Fair Board, Inc., to interpret, regis, or add to the rules promulgated, as its interest may require, and all entries are understood, as made or accepted only upon that basis.

RULE #4:
• Section 1 — All property of every character entered for competition, display, or for any other purpose, or brought into the Fairgrounds by any person, shall be subjected to the rules and regulations prescribed by the Board of Directors of the Delta Fair.
• Section 2 — In no case shall the Delta Fair or any of its officers or directors, be held responsible for any loss, damage, injury, or deaths by diseases, thefts, or from any other cause of any character, to any property while same is on the Fairgrounds or any other time or place. The Delta Fair hereby assumes NO responsibility either as bailee or otherwise, for any property brought upon said Fairgrounds, shall be at owner’s risk.
• Section 3 — If the property owners, or others interested in the property, desire protection against loss, damage, or injury from fire, or from any other cause, they must make their own arrangements and pay for such insurance.
• Section 4 — Exhibitors making entries and not exhibiting shall forfeit all fees for space or exhibitor’s tickets.

RULE #5:
• Section 1 — The Chairman reserves the right to reassign any space or stall not occupied by the exhibitor, and no exhibitor will be allowed to sublet or sell any space, privilege or stall without the Chairman and Fair Board President’s permission.
• Section 2 — Exhibitors will be required to keep their spaces and stalls in a sanitary condition by removing any rubbish and litter and by placing it where the sanitary crew of the Fair may remove it.
• Section 3 — Exhibitors should ascertain from the various chairpersons or departments at what time the exhibits under their charge will be judged; therefore, no complaint or protest on the grounds that judges overlooked exhibits, will be considered.
• Section 4 — If it be ascertained that any exhibitor or his employee has in ungentlemanly and public manner taken exception to the judgment or ruling of any awarding committee, judge, chairman or any official of the Delta Fair Board, Inc., the Board of Directors may expel said exhibitor and employees so offending, from competing for a premium or exhibiting on the grounds of the management, until he shall have made proper apology and been reinstated by a vote of the majority of the Board of Directors.
• Section 5 — If it be ascertained that any exhibitor has made, or caused to be made, any false statements in regards to any article, or if any exhibitor shall attempt to interfere with the judges in the performances of their duties, he shall be excluded from competition or exhibition on the Fairgrounds.

RULE #6:
• Section 1 — No claim for injury to any person or property shall be asserted nor suit instituted or maintained against the Delta Fair, its officers or agents, or on behalf of any person, firm or corporation or their agents, representatives, servants or employees having license or privilege to exhibit on the Fairgrounds or occupying space.
• Section 2 — If any damage, loss or injury to person or property shall be caused by reason or any neglect or willful acts of any person, firm or their agents, representatives, servants, or employees having license or privilege to exhibit on said Fairgrounds, or occupying space thereon, the Delta Fair shall, in no manner, be responsible therefore, and in case it be subjected to any expense or liability, all persons causing same or liable therefore, shall indemnify the said Delta Fair at Kennett, Missouri.

RULE #7:
• Section 1 — The Board of Directors reserves the right to remove from the grounds any exhibit, animal, concession or show that may be falsely entered or may be deemed unsuitable or objectionable, or to remove any sign, banner or advertising of any kind which may be deemed unsuitable or objectionable by them, without assigning a reason therefore.

RULE #8:
• Section 1 — Judges are requested to read carefully the general rules and special rules under the dead of the division in which they serve; note especially and mark those rules bearing on the classes to be judged by them.
• Section 2 — The judge and chairman of the department shall sign each award sheet immediately after each is judged.
• Section 3 — The decision of the judge shall be final, and no appeal will be considered, except in case of protest.

RULE #9:
• Section 1 — The awarding of premiums at the Fair shall be confined to the classifications in this premium book.
• Section 2 — Where there is no competition, or where only one exhibitor is entered, exhibits will be awarded first, second, third, or no premium, according to the merit of the exhibit.
• Section 3 — Premiums will be awarded on Saturday, last day of the fair, after 9:00 p.m. NO CHECKS WILL BE MAILED!
• Section 4 — All premium checks MUST be cashed prior to December 15, 2024 , otherwise they will be void.• Section 5 — In paying premiums, no evidence of awards shall be recognized except the entry sheets properly signed by the chairman and judge and not from ribbons that may be attached to exhibits. Ribbons can sometimes become misplaced.
• Section 6 — All exhibitors MUST pick up exhibits between 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., on Saturday, last day of the fair. NOT BEFORE! We will not be responsible for exhibits left after Saturday in the American Legion Building. The American Legion Building will be open from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m., on Sunday, day after fair closes, for exhibit pick-up.

NOTE: Persons picking up exhibits who do not wish to stay on Fairgrounds, can pay at the gate, and your money will be refunded for a limited time. The East gate will be closed at 4:00 p.m. No automobiles may be parked at the American Legion Building after 4:00 p.m.

RULE #10:
• Section 1 — All protests against judges’ decisions MUST be made in writing and accompanied by cash deposit of $10.00, which deposit will be forfeited if protest is not sustained. Said protest must state plainly the cause of complaint or appeal and MUST be filed with the Secretary of the Fair Board within five (5) hours after the award has been made; it being considered that award was made when entry sheet is signed.
• Section 2 — No complaint or appeal based upon the statement that the judge, or judges, are incompetent or have overlooked an article, will be considered by the Secretary, or the Board of Directors.
• Section 3 — The right of an exhibitor to appeal from the decision of a judge to the Board will lie only when it is charged that the award has been made in violation of the rules governing the exhibit, or when it is charged that the decision of the judge has been influenced or interfered with by another.
• Section 4 — Appeals from the decisions of the judge MUST be made in writing and MUST contain at least a specific charge stating at length the facts relied upon, or the rule violated, and naming witnesses and addresses by whom proof is to be made.
• Section 5 — All questions of dispute or differences not provided for under these rules shall be referred to the Board of Directors, whose decision shall be final.
* Section 6 — In addition to the right of protest herein guaranteed to exhibitors, the Directors reserve the right to take cognizance of fraud consummated or attempted in connection with an exhibit and take such action as may be deemed just and proper and as may be warranted in the premises.

RULE #11:
• Section 1 — The President, Secretary and members of the Board of Directors will maintain headquarters in the Delta Fair Board Office building.
• Section 2 — The Directors of the Fair will consider if a kindness if patrons will report any mistreatment or extortion practiced by any concessionaire or others on the grounds. Do not wait until the fair is over to make a complaint … REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY!