Tractor & Truck Pull

Delta Fair Tractor and Truck Pull

The 2023 Delta Fair Tractor & Truck Pull will be held Friday, September 29.

The show will be free to all with a fair gate ticket.


Pulling action starts at 7:00 pm.  YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!!!

Many improvements have been made to the track area including additional lighting and seating.

The tractor and truck pull will feature the United States Association of Pullers (USA Pullers).  The USA Pullers consists of a dedicated group of tractor and truck pullers who unite together to provide a highly professional pulling event.  This pulling organization consists of pullers from: Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana.  USA Pullers strive to provide a family-friendly environment and a safe pull.  Come support USA Pullers.  You will enjoy the pull!!!

Tractor Classes:

6,000 Light Pro Field / 6,200 lb Small Block Hot Rod (see for rules)

7,000 lb Super Stock  (see for rules)

9,300 lb Super Farm  (see for rules)

10,000 lb Hot Farm small block  (see for rules)

11,000 lb Hot Farm big block (see for rules)

13,500 lb Farm Stock 12 mph (see for rules)

Truck Classes:

8,000 lb Pro Stock Diesel (see for rules)

There will also be special exhibition pulls.

Hook fee is $30.00 along with paid membership to the pulling organization.  The entry fee admits the driver plus one pit crew only.  Due to limited space, only one truck and trailer can be admitted into the pit area.

USA Pullers has adopted the NTPA Rule Book with some amendments and modifications.  All competitors must have a valid USA Pullers competition license and a valid USA Pullers vehicle notification.  This rulebook can be found at

Drivers must wear helmet and fire suit in every class except Street Diesel and Farm Stock.

For rules and classes see USAPULLERS.ORG.

A schedule of results, along with photos, can be viewed at USAPULLERS.ORG.

Contact Marty Cato at 573-344-7838 with questions regarding the pull.