Demolition Derby

Delta Fair 2018
Delta Fairgrounds – Kennett, MO

$6,000 Prize Money and Trophies

$9,000 Prize Money and Trophies

8:00 a.m., Monday, Sept. 24 – Reserved seat tickets will go on sale for the Saturday, Sept. 29 Demolition Derby. Limit (10) ten tickets per purchaser – CASH ONLY – NO HOLD. Sales will continue until sold out.

Any year model can be run. Passenger cars only. No imperials or imperial subs, trucks, ambulances, hearses, etc. If it doesn’t say you can do it in these rules … DON’T DO IT!

1) All glass, chrome and pot metal must be removed from car.
2) All body bushings must remain in car, except the two (2) front ones and four (4) rear. These can be replaced with 3/4” all thread. Front two (2) can go through hood. Max of 2” spacer may be used in place of body bushing, but cannot be welded in. Maximum 1½” pipe may be used between frame and core support over all thread, this must be free floating. Two (2) additional pieces of all thread may be used to hold the rear of the hood down. A piece of 3”x3”x3” angle may be welded in center of hood and feeder with one bolt through it.
3) Four (4) pieces of 3/4” all thread can be used to replace the rear four (4) body bushings, washers must be inside of frame. These four (4) can come through the trunk.
4) The body may be trimmed anywhere for clearance.
5) Hood must open for inspection.
6) All four(4) doors can be welded using no wider than 4” strapping, outside only. Driver’s door can be plated.
7) No other material than specified may be added.
8) Body, trunk, and fenders may be pre-bend, but no body line creasing. Do not pre-bend the body creating a body line.
9) Trunk seams can be welded using 4” strapping, but must have a 12” hole for inspection.

1) Both bumpers may be swapped, but must be an OEM bumper. Bumpers may be welded on, but no added metal. NO IMPERIAL BUMPERS!
2) You may hard noise the car. A piece of flat metal may be used between bumper and frame. This can be no larger than 4”x4”x¼” flat metal. If it has shocks, you can push them in and weld them.
3) Bumpers may be trimmed for clearance, but nothing can be added to the bumper. Seams on numbers may be welded. If seams are welded, the ends must be cut off or inspection hold mud be cut. Inside of bumper MUST be visible somewhere.

1) Gas tank must be removed and a 6-gallon max boat tank can be used and securely mounted to the floor.
2) Tank must be mounted in center or to the left side of car and covered. If fuel cells are used, fuel cell and protector can only be a max of 22” from the seat bar. If mounted to seat bar, the fuel cell must be 4” off floor.
3) Only one (1) automotive battery may be used.
4) Rusted floors may be patched under gas tank, battery, or driver’s feet with thin sheet metal big enough to cover rusted area.
5) Four (4) point cage may be installed in car.
6) Cage must be at least 4” off floor at the seatbelt mount beside door and cannot have any kickers to the floor or frame.
7) Door bars can be made out of max 8” material. Dash and seat can be made out of max 6” material.
8) Dash bar must be at least 6” from firewall, and 6” from transmission tunnel.
9) Rollover bar must be connected to the cage and be vertical to the seat bar (max 6” material).
10) Cage cannot go any further than 6” past the outside door seam on front door.
11) Aftermarket shifters will be allowed, but must be mounted to the floor or dash bar, or simply use a rod for shifter.
12) Aftermarket gas pedals, brake pedals, and steering columns will be allowed.
13) One (1) piece of chain, #9 wire or piece of flat steel MUST be installed from roof of car to the cowl, not the dash bar.

1) Engines may be swapped, but must be in stock location. Back of block must be at least 2” from firewall.
2) Motor mounts may be welded in. Aftermarket motor mounts allowed but cannot strengthen car.
3) No aftermarket parts on engine … such as pulley protectors, halos, distributor protectors, etc. Must remain stock appearing. Intakes may be changed.
4) Any driveshaft can be used. Slider shafts allowed.
5) Stock transmission only. No mid plates, transmission protectors of any kind. Adapter plates may be used, but cannot hit firewall at anytime during derby.
6) Cross member can be made of angle or square tubing. No larger than 2” material.
7) Cross member can be welded or bolted to a piece of 2” angle no larger than 3” long. This 3” piece may be welded to the frame.
8) Suspension MUST be made up of stock components.
9) Front springs can be kicked. Spring spacers allowed. Rear springs may be changed with any OEM spring or doubled. Homemade spring spacers will be allowed. No changing steering parts. Everything MUST remain stock.
10) Transmission coolers will be allowed, but must be secured to the floorboard or seat bar.
11) Radiator MUST be in stock location. Radiator can be held in with ratchet straps, bungee cords, or two (2) small pieces of all thread. One (1) AC condenser only in front of radiator.
12) Electric fans will be allowed.

1) Rear end gears may be swapped and welded up.
2) No aftermarket housings, axles, or braces of any kind. Stock rear ends ONLY!
3) No welding or swapping of rear end brackets allowed. Trailing arms may be altered, but no reinforcement allowed of any kind.
4) If we have to pull axles at the end of the night to determine axles size … WE WILL!
5) No bead locks inside or outside. 6” weld in. Wheel centers and valve stamp protectors will be allowed. Any tire.
6) Rear ends may be swapped if it is a direct bolt in. NO welding of any kind to make it fit.
7) 5/16” chain or #9 wire may be used top and bottom to hold springs.

1) Frame must remain complete stock.
2) No creasing of frame.
3) No paint or undercoating the frame.
4) Notching or pre-bending the frame in rear so it will fold up will be allowed.
5) No welding on frame.

Top 3 cars are subject to inspection with or without protest.
All final decisions will be made by the Delta Fair Board.
Contact Dennis Pickard at (573) 717-0338 with any questions regarding the rules and regulations.

Entry fee is $25 per car. This admits car and driver.
Because of limited space, only one (1) truck with one (1) trailer will be allowed in the pit area.